DRONE PARADE 2017-08-29T12:49:10+02:00

Drone team parade trophy

AUTMAV – Tehran Polytechnic
BLACK BEE DRONES – Universidade Federal de Itajubá
ENAC – Ecole National de l’Avioation Civile
JEDI Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
MOTION UAV – Sharif University of Technology

In this challenge, the goal is to have a patrol of  UAVs (fixed-wing, rotorcraft or mixed) flying in a formation so as to demonstrate their coordination and flight accuracy skills.

This challenge will be evaluated according to the following criteria :

  • accuracy of the formation shape and number of UAVs involved
  • accuracy of the path followed by the UAVs
  • aesthetic qualities of the formation
  • elapsed time necessary to reach the formation configuration