PRESENTATIONS 2017-10-18T15:10:00+02:00
Author Institution Presentation Paper Slide
A.Abduldayem, D.Gany, L.Seneviratne and T.Taha – Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Reconstruction of Complex Structures with Online Profiling and Adaptive Viewpoint Sampling paper presentation
E.Baskaya, M.Bronz, and D.Delahaye ENAC, Toulouse, France Flight Simulation of a MAKO UAV for Use in Data-Driven Fault Diagnosis paper presentation
Y.Beyer TU Braunschweig, Germany Simulation and Control of a Tandem Tiltwing RPAS Without Experimental Data paper presentation
M.Bobbe, A.Kern, Y.Khedar, S.Batzdorfer and U.Bestmann TU Braunschweig, Germany An Automated Rapid Mapping Solution Based on ORBSLAM and Agisoft Photoscan API paper presentation
R.G.Braga, R.C.da Silva, A.C.B.Ramos, F.Mora-Camino Federal University of Itajub´a, Brasil & ENAC, Toulouse, France A Hybrid Approach for 3D Formation Control in a Swarm of UAVs using ROS paper presentation
Y.Brière ISAE-SUPAERO, Toulouse, France Drones Control and Navigation Strategies
 M.Bronz ENAC, Toulouse, France Novel Design Methodologies for MAVs
 P.Campoy Technical University of Madrid, Spain Image Processing Developments
 C.Chauffaut, L.Burlion, F.Defay, H.De Plinval ISAE-SUPAERO & ONERA, Toulouse, France Collision Avoidance of multiple MAVs using a multiple Outputs to Input Saturation Technique paper presentation
 T.Cunis and M.Bronz ENAC, Toulouse, France EDURA: an Evolvable Demonstrator for Upset Recovery Approaches with a 3D-printed Launcher paper
 H. De Plinval ONERA, Toulouse, France Control Designs and Analysis
 C.De Wagter TU Delft, The Netherlands Wind Measurements using MAVs
 C.De Wagter, M.Karasekyand and G.De Croon TU Delft, The Netherlands Quad-thopter: Tailless Flapping Wing Robot with 4 Pairs of Wings paper presentation
 J.A.Delamer, Y.Watanabe, C.P.Carvalho Chanel ONERA & ISAE-SUPAERO, Toulouse, France Towards a MOMDP model for UAV safe path planning in urban environment paper
 T.Desert, J.M.Moschetta and H.Bezard ONERA & ISAE-SUPAERO, Toulouse, France Aerodynamic design of a martian micro air vehicle paper
 L.A.Doan, C.Delebarre, S.Grondel, E.Cattan University of Valenciennes & Centrale Lille, France Bond Graph based design tool for a passive rotation flapping wing paper presentation
 M.El-Salamony, S.Serokhvostov MIPT, Zhukovsky, Russia Investigation on Natural Frequency and Fuselage Effect for Small UAVs Lateral Motion paper
 H.Garcia de Marina and G.Hattenberger ENAC, Toulouse, France Formation flight of fixed-wing aircraft by employing guidance vector fields paper
 N.Gavrilovic, M.Bronz, J.-M.Moschetta, E.Benard and P.Pastor ISAE-SUPAERO & ENAC, Toulouse, France Bio-inspired Wind Field Estimation-Part 1: AoA Measurements Through Surface Pressure Distribution paper
 N.Gourdain, T.Jardin, R.Serre, S.Prothin and J.-M.Moschetta ISAE-SUPAERO, Toulouse, France Application of Lattice Boltzmann Method to some challenges related to Micro Air Vehicles paper
 T.Jardin ISAE-SUPAERO, Toulouse, France Aerodynamics and flow control
 S.Lacroix LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France Multiple Vehicles Cooperation
 Z.Liu, C.Bu, X.Kong, and D.Yang Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China Aeroacoustics investigation on nano coaxial rotor paper presentation
 Z.Li, Mingjie Lao, S.K.Phang, M.Redhwan, A.Hamid, K.Z.Tang and F.Lin National University of Singapore, Singapore Development and Design Methodology of an Anti-Vibration System on Micro-UAVs paper
 L.R.Lustosa, J.M.O.Barth, J.-P.Condomines, F.Defay and J.-M.Moschetta ISAE-SUPAERO & ENAC, Toulouse, France Team MAVion entry in the IMAV’17 outdoor challenge – A tail-sitting trajectory-tracking UAV paper
 A.Mohamed, P.Poksawat, S.Watkins, R.Gigacz RMIT, Melbourne, Australia Developing a stable UAS for Operation in Turbulent Urban Environment
 M.Molina, P.Frau, D.Maravall, J.L.Sanchez-Lopez, H.Bavle, P.Campoy Technical University of Madrid, Spain Human-Robot Cooperation in Surface Inspection Aerial Missions paper presentation
 D.Moormann Aachen University, Germany Aeroacoustics Investigations
 H.Nemati, A.Naghash, S.Mozafari, and A.Jamei Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran Robust Attitude Control for Quadrotors with External Disturbances paper
 H.-P.Nguyen, J.De Miras, A.Charara and S.Bonnet Université de Technologie de Compiègne,CNRS, Heudiasyc, Compiègne, France A numerical approach for attitude control of a quadrotor paper
 A.Panta, P.Petersen, M.Marino, S.Watkins and A.Mohamed RMIT University, Melbourne Australia Qualitative Investigation of the Dynamics of a Leading Edge Control Surfaces for Micro Air Vehicle Applications paper presentation
 T.Pantuphag, S.Catteeyothai, N.Krajangsawasdi and C.Thipyopas Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand Analysis of Folding Wing Rolling Moment paper
 F.Pasquali, Y.Brière, and N.Gavrilovic ISAE-SUPAERO, Toulouse, France Application of a switching control strategy to extract energy from turbulence by a UAV paper
 H.Qin, Y.Bi, F.Lin and B.M.Chen National University of Singapore, Singapore Development of Vision Based Navigation for Micro Aerial Vehicles in Harsh Environment paper
 A.Rajaeizadeh, A.Naghash, and A.Mohamadifard Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran Cooperative Aerial Payload Transportation Using Two Quadrotors paper
 N.Santos, E.Laroche, R.Kiefer and S.Durand ICube, Illkirch, France Robustness Analysis of a Controlled Quadrotor MAV Carrying a Cable-suspended Load paper
 S.Serokhvostov and B.Makaev MIPT, Zhukovsky, Russia Copter Size Minimization for IMAV-2017 Competition in Record Breaking Session paper
 R.Serre, V.Chapin, J.M.Moschetta and H.Fournier ISAE-SUPAERO, Toulouse, France Reducing the noise of Micro-Air Vehicles in hover paper presentation
 E.J.J.Smeur, D.C.Hoppener, C.De Wagter TU Delft, The Netherlands Prioritized Control Allocation for Quadrotors Subject to Saturation paper presentation
 K.Stremousov and M.Arkhipov MIPT, Zhukovsky, Russia Study of ducted fans interference for copter type multirotor UAV/RPAS paper presentation
 V.Strobel, R.Meertens and G.C.H.E.De Croon TU Delft, The Netherlands Efficient Global Indoor Localization for Micro Aerial Vehicles paper
 M.Tognon and A.Franchi LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France Landing and Take-off on/from Sloped and Non-planar Surfaces with more than 50 Degrees of Inclination paper
 E.S.Van der Sman, E.J.J.Smeur, B.Remes, C.De Wagter and Q.Chu TU Delft, The Netherlands Incremental Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion and Multihole Pressure Probes for Disturbance Rejection Control of Fixed-wing Micro Air Vehicles paper
 E.Vanhoutte, F.Ruffier and J.Serres ISM, CNRS, Marseille, France A honeybee’s navigational toolkit on Board a Bio-inspired Micro Flying Robot paper
 V.Vyshinsky, A.Kislovskiy MIPT, Zhukovsky, Russia Quick aerodynamic design of micro air vehicles paper
 Y.Watanabe ONERA, Toulouse, France Navigation Strategies and the Use of Vision
 S.Watkins, M.Abdulghani, S.Prudden, M.Marino, R.Clothier, A.Fisher and A.Panta RMIT, Melbourne, Australia Using MAVs for Atmospheric Wind Measurements: Opportunities and Challenges paper
 F.Yacef, N.Rizoug, O.Bouhali and M.Hamerlain ESTACA, Laval, France & Jijel University, Algeria Optimization of Energy Consumption for Quadrotor UAV paper
 H.Yu, J.Wang, K.Fu, W.Yang Wuhan University, China An Intelligent Unmanned Aircraft System for Wilderness Search and Rescue paper