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Sponsorship registration deadline : June 7th, 2017

Registration fees (including banquet) will be offered per team to Students only (up to PhD program only).

In order to get sponsorship, the team needs to send a 2-page abstract and a Youtube video link to the Competition Program Committee to describe its project.
The Committee will examine and validate it.

If an abstract already sent for a technical paper describes the UAV system itself (and not only a subsystem or a methodology), then it is alright to use it for the student sponsorship.

Please, send your project to gautier.hattenberger@enac.fr

Don’t forget to specify the name of the team and also those of the sponsorship beneficiaries!

Terms of sponsorship

1 member 1
2 members 1
3 members 1
4 members 2
≥5 members 2